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Our main manufacturing equipment includes 20 injection molding machines, 5 automatic injection oil assembly machines, 2 oil injecting production lines, 2 laser carving machines, 5 high power ultrasonic drilling machines, 3 lathes, 8 milling machines, 4 grinding machines, 5 EDM machines and 1 machining center. Our main inspection equipment includes three-D coordinatograph, projectors, adjustment force testing frames and height masters. Our main clients are Samsung, LG, Foryou Group and Desay Group.

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Founded in 1997, Dongguan Longji plastic Electronic Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise specializing in the design, production and assembly of dampers and latches. We are in the process of precision plastic electronic fittings, with registered capital of RMB 3million.


As the saying goes, know ourselves, know yourself, we need to engage in an industry before it is a very thorough understanding and analysis
In a certain state of force, the damping material has the characteristics of energy that some viscous liquids can consume and the energy stored in the elastic solid material. In recent years, damping materials are moving in the direction of decompression and noise reduction, and in the field of general production, the use of damping materials as a raw material has a certain industry characteristics.
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