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On causes of pneumatic cylinder of instability


Pneumatic cylinder of instability for many reasons, here we talk about pneumatic cylinder-piston sliding or crawling will make the pneumatic cylinder work cause of instability. (1) the internal pressure cylinder sezhi. Improper gas pressure inside the cylinder Assembly, deformation, wear, or tolerances of form and position overrun, resistance is too large, pneumatic cylinder changes speed as the stroke of the piston position, sliding or crawling occurs. Reason is mostly due to the poor quality of Assembly, scars or on the surface of sintered iron, the resistance increases and speed decreases. For example: misalignment or bending the piston rod piston and piston rod, pneumatic cylinder or piston rods DIN rail mounting position offset rings fit too tight or too loose. Solution is to repair or adjustment, replace the damaged parts and to remove iron.

Poor lubrication and pneumatic cylinder diameter super bad. Because the piston and the cylinder tube, rail and piston rods have relative motion, if poor lubrication and pneumatic cylinder diameter variance, would aggravate the wear, the cylinder centerline straight decrease. In this way, Pistons in pneumatic cylinders working, when the friction small, sliding or crawling. Exclude method is grinding pressure cylinder, then press the match made the Pistons, grinding the piston rod, configure the Guide sleeve.

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