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rotary damper type lf-08a


Product Detail

Basic Info

Model NO.: LF-08A


Gear number:11

Pitch circle:8.8

Pressure angle:20°

The maximum rotation angle:360°

Torque range:100-400gfNaN

Trademark: LJ

Specification: ISO9001/ISO14001

Origin: Dongguan,China

Product Description

Long Ji is a manufacturer of rotary damper in China, our oil rotary dampers are highly suitable where non-impact, noise-free, controlled motion is required. Our plastic rotary damper covers a wide range of design specifications; torque is a primary consideration when specifying a specific Long Ji damper.
Product advantages:
1, Temperature: -20

2, Life time: 100, 000 cycles
(1 cycle: 2ways 150mm, 200rpm, no rest)
3, Design flexibility
We can design according to our customers’ need.
4, 100% tested.
Common applications:
automotive application: Table-board, Handle, Glasses box, Dustbin, Ashtray, Cup-holder, seat armrest

Household products application: pull cabinet, hidden socket, rice cooker, hearth cover, coffee machine, drawer slides, washing machine, cupboard door, ash cart, toilet seat cover, refrigerator

Other application: vending, seat, printer, ice machine, seat cover, CD box , piano, council board, portable navigator, shelves, portable CD, crisp, Desk,heater,chair,CD player

Damper’s characteristics

1. Speed characteristics:

A rotary damper's torque varies according to the rotation speed. In general, as shown in the graph to the right, the torque increases as the rotation speed increases, and the torque decreases as the rotation speed decreases. In addition, please note that the starting torque slightly differs from the rated torque.

2. Temperature characteristics:

A rotary damper's torque varies according to the ambient temperature. In addition, as shown in the graph to the right, the torque decreases as the ambient temperature increases, and the torque increases as the ambient temperature decreases. This is because the viscosity of the silicone oil inside the damper varies according to the temperature. When the temperature returns to normal, the torque will return to normal as well.


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