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Adding Dampers Bugatti Favored People

Legend luxury Super run brand Bugatti big Chinese district recently announced, Qian three quarter Bugatti has in China sales 6 car Super sports car, including in Beijing auto show Asia starting added has damping device of Bugatti Granville speed Vitesse, and Bugatti Granville airlines Grand Sport hood version and was global most fast sports car Guinness world record added has damping device of Bugatti Super Sport three paragraph models, in big Chinese District market created has new of sales records.

Damper Bugatti Veyron speed Vitesse models have been added after the launch, sought after by Chinese super car enthusiast and favored. All cars carrying 8.0 l W16 engine, equipped with four Turbo systems, enabling vehicles to 1200 HP output, maximum torque of 1500 nm. 0-100 km time just 2.6 seconds, top speed of 410 km/h. Vehicle chassis to be re-set, dampers, the automobile body electronic stability program and application of intelligent total flooding systems for a vehicle to show extraordinary performance at the same time, manipulations give occupants enough confidence. Carbon fibre and stainless steel, aluminum and magnesium alloys with damper application, vehicle interiors avant-garde and dynamic fashion. Even the dashboard, leather bezel, buckle, seat back or even the keyhole in such detail, the Bugatti Veyron speed Vitesse with gusto, fine workmanship and premium materials allows the occupants to enjoy the peculiar to the Bugatti Veyron an unrivalled driving experience.

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