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Introduction Of The Working State Of Small Rotary Dampers

The air-type pulse damper is like a Coke jar with a pressure gauge on the tube. Liquid by direct compression inside the air and play a buffer effect, but its biggest drawback is that the air in the damper will gradually dissolve into the medium, resulting in a compressed air volume less and fewer, can play a buffer role is also getting smaller Small Rotary Dampers

Need to remove the damper from the device after the new and the atmosphere to ensure that the air volume, so in the use of maintenance slightly more trouble, but the cost is relatively low, so suitable for some of the buffer requirements are not too high system use. The method of selecting the air type pulse damper is to multiply the volume of each stroke (in ml) by 26, which is the minimum volume number that can reduce the 90% pulse.Small Rotary Dampers

Diaphragm type pulse damper is divided into the upper and lower shell, the middle layer of fluorine plastic material separator, its buffering effect is better than the air chamber, the biggest advantage is that the gas and the pipeline in the liquid is separate, more convenient maintenance, I produced the diaphragm-type pulse damper PVC material maximum pressure is 1.0MPa, the maximum resistance of stainless steel material is 2.5MPa, diaphragm type pulse damper selection method is the volume of each stroke (in ml units) multiplied by 10, that is, the minimum volume of 90% pulses can be reduced.Small Rotary Dampers

The biggest advantage of airbag-type pulse dampers is that it can withstand higher pressure (the airbag-type pulse damper produced by our company is the most resistant to pressure). 5MPa), the structure is in the air tank with an air bag, the airbag filled with a certain pressure of gas, in the pipeline, the pipeline of liquid compressed air bag, airbag contraction, and then expand, thus playing a buffer effect, but the general cost of airbag-type pulse damper High, special material of the airbag production cycle is relatively long. The selection method is the volume number of each stroke (in ml) multiplied by 10, that is, the minimum volume of 90% pulses can be reduced.Small Rotary Dampers

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